Where can i find disinformation?

honestly i wrote the below in response to a response to Young Americans Don’t Know Their U.S. History . by anniegirl – et al. i thought it deserved its own discussion – what do you think?

can we really rely on the web to be an accurate source for research? another topic for another blog post! (My daughter doesn’t-and in fact doesn’t trust the news media any more, either – there’s a lot of disinformation out there and it’s scary! – that’s why I ask!) I would be very interested in hearing from any news media contributors, historical writers, etc. – where do YOU get your research?
(I also happen to question statistics, sometimes, because they are biased — i recently wondered about this one: if 40,000 businesses per month close their doors due to bankruptcy, how many would be left in 12 months??? how many new ones open up? how many were there to start? how many closed due to other reasons? etc.) Anyone?

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There are so many bloggers out there – i am quite certain that many are more clever (clever-er) than I am… if you are a successful blogger maybe you can help the rest of us along! do bloggers favor the same website? e.g., you blog only on wordpress, or you blog on every site you can get your hands on? do you blog on topics that are popular, to attract attention? or do you stick with only stuff you know, and/or that is popular or attention-worthy? (i.e., how do you decide on your topics?) inquiring minds want to know! (well, mine does!)

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Hello world!

Welcome to my Blog! I am a bookkeeper by profession, not necessarily by choice! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write to me!

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